About Us

A great team of passionate, professional and friendly drivers with a fleet of luxury cars, who simply love what they do.

AGT are a family taxi business, was founded in 2008  run by owners Lampros & Spyros Ntemos and their team of experienced drivers. Today is one of the leading transportation service providers in and around Athens. We built the  Chauffeur services team in 2014 in order to serve the more sophisticated chauffeured services needs our customers require. Ever since, our team strives to provide the highest quality of services to their clients. We guarantee that you will be pleased with our professional staff and fully trained,  chauffeurs. We offer a complete selection of the best and newest vehicles for all your transportation needs. Based in Athens, we offer our services across the whole of Greece and Europe.  We guarantee the highest quality, discretion, safety, reliability, friendliness and comfort. Remember, it’s not where you go, but how you get there.

If you have any interest in getting to know us better, contact us by our contact form, email or phone. We are already looking forward to meeting you soon. Enjoy your stay in Greece.


Yours sincerely,

Lampros and Spyros Ntemos



Going around in comfort, safely, reliably and with prestige. That is the philosophy the operation of the company Athens Greece Transfer & Tours began with, aiming to provide quality transportation services to individuals and groups.


The company’s main goal is to offer customer satisfaction, and consists of professional drivers with public and private transport vehicles with varying capacity and requirements. Taxi drivers, drivers of luxurious private cars, drivers of small or larger coaches, they are all professionals both in driving and hospitality, delivering services with endless enthusiasm. 


Athens Greece Transfer & Tours continuously monitors the fleet of the vehicles included in the services offered, as well as its people, the professional drivers, to make sure they are consistent with her own objectives and philosophy.


Visitors who wish to travel alone, couples, families, groups of people who share the journey, employees who travel for business purposes alone or in groups, travelers who meet to travel in a particular trip of their choice together, people who share a common travel desire:

To travel safely, comfortably, without any delay in travel times, within clean vehicles, with clean and friendly professional drivers, and with additional tour services during their journey and the site of their visit, are the primary customers of Athens Greece Transfer & Tours.

 In AGT the driving behavior, cleanliness, respect, consistency and love to travel meet the wishes of the travelers offering everything the passenger of the vehicle wishes for an unobstructed journey.


Means of Transport

Comfortable, clean, fully equipped with facilities offered by modern technology, meticulously maintained, the vehicles of Athens Greece Transfer & Tours ensure the necessary safety and comfort, every customer desires, even during his short distant journeys. The vehicles of Athens Greece Transfer & Tours, both public and private, taxis, limousines, mini buses or even larger, are all flawless, both internally and externally, they are all equipped with GPS- system location finder, direction and destination – facilitating the driver to navigate rapidly and safely to the desired place. Within taxi vehicles, extra meter is available with the capacity of printing receipt estimating the kilometers traveled, as required by the legal framework of the country (according to the regulations and price list set by the Ministry of Transport and Communications) and the operating rules of the company. The printed receipts include the number plate of the vehicle, the miles traveled, the amount that needs to be paid and all the taxes as defined by the relevant statutory framework and are given to the customer at the end of the journey.

In Athens Greece Transfer & Tours we emphasize on:

  • The importance of vehicle safety

  • Clean and perfect maintenance of the vehicle fleet

  • The continuous replacement of vehicles with new, modern models

  • The professionalism of the drivers and their knowledge of the streets of the areas they are called to serve

  • Consistency in customer delivery times from the agreed point and in the appointment reminder from our taxi-online service

  • The customer service from and to the airport. Flight Control service and company reminder the day before the agreed date.


Mercedes E Class Saloon Taxi

  • Up to 4 Passengers

  • 2 Large Suitcases & 2 Carry-ons

  • Complimentary Bottled Water

  • Professional Chauffeur

Available Fleet at athensgreecetransfer.com

Mercedes E Class Estate

  • Up to 4 Passengers

  • 4 Large Suitcases & 4 Carry-ons

  • Complimentary Bottled Water

  • Professional Chauffeur

Available Fleet at athensgreecetransfer.com

Mercedes E-Class Business Class

  • Up to 4 Passengers

  • 2 Large Suitcases & 2 Carry-ons

  • Complimentary Bottled Water

  • Professional Chauffeur

Available Fleet at athensgreecetransfer.com

Mercedes Tourismo

  • Up to 40 Passengers

  • 50 Large Suitcases & 10 Carry-ons

  • Complimentary Bottled Water

  • Professional Chauffeur

Available Fleet at athensgreecetransfer.com

Mercedes V Class-Vito-Viano

  • Up to 7 Passengers

  • 10 Large Suitcases & 10 Carry-ons

  • Complimentary Bottled Water

  • Professional Chauffeur

Available Fleet at athensgreecetransfer.com

Mercedes Sprinter 

  • Up to 18 Passengers

  • 15 Large Suitcases & 10 Carry-ons

  • Complimentary Bottled Water

  • Professional Chauffeur


The fleet of our cooperating taxis of private Sedan type vehicles and mini-vans is meticulously selected with strict quality criteria for the vehicle and criteria of reliability and professionalism for the vehicle driver.

After the initial screening stage, the cooperating drivers are required to carry out regular maintenance checks of their vehicles, while AGT "Athens Greece Taxi & Tours" reserves the right to verify at any time its partners by conducting thorough control of the providing services.

We remind all our clients that:

  • All our cars undergo regular security checks.

  • All our cars are insured

  • All cooperating drivers are often screened for their professionalism, kindness, sense of duty and consistency.

In case the client neglects an object in a AGT vehicle, it can be searched and immediately identified through the GPS system

(position-finding system, direction and destination)


Travel by bus allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the views. Explore a wide variety of coach bus travel options in Greece.

Our Partners

Our partners are “our very own people”.

The professional drivers of our personal vehicles to whom we assign the safety of the people who trust us and the ‘group’ of Athens Greece Transfer & Tours, that places emphasis on the customers’ satisfaction for all the services received.All our drivers and tour guides, who usually co-travel offering tour guidance during the journey, are professionals who love their work, and are fully aware of their valuable participation in the great chain of the country’s tourism infrastructure. Our fleet, vehicles, drivers and tour guides represent for us the mean of ensuring our credibility as a company. It is our responsibility in Athens Greece Transfer & Tours to continuously monitor the quality of the services, the reliability of our vehicles, the solvency and professionalism of our people, our smooth operation, with dignity and moral.


Terms & Conditions

  • All transfers of Athens Greece Transfer & Tours are made by taxi, sedan type vehicles, limousines and mini vans. Its vehicles are in excellent condition, both mechanically and externally and they all have air conditioning and GPS System.

  • The price for taxi journeys is defined by the legislation of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, while the pricing of all other transfers has been determined by the type of the car, the distance in kilometers, the service tour provided or not, the car type, the specific circumstances. Contact Athens Greece Transfer & Tours to receive accurate pricing of the services you wish to receive.

  • The final price will be not include tickets of archaeological sites, museums or buying water, snacks, drinks, etc ..

  • All guided transfer services may change in case of extreme events, such as general workers strikes, closed roads due to mobilizations, extreme weather, unexpected events, etc .

  • Our customers should inform us if they or someone from the passengers carried has a health problem that needs special attention and / or treatment.


The online reservation system used by AGT (Athens Greece Transfer & Tours) features secure server tehnology in order to ensure full encryption of your data and provide maximum security trasmission over the internet.


Confirmation of Reservation

Your reservation will be finalized as soon as we receive your fully completed reservation form.You will receive an e-mail confirming your booking and providing you with all necessary pick up information. Reservation are finalized only upon receipt of AGT confirmation e-mail.

Payment Options

AGT accepts the following payment methods:

A deposit 20% is required to confirm your reservation. The deposit can be paid by Bank Transfer, credit card, viva wallet or via Pay Pal. The rest of the amount can be paid in cash or by card on board at the end of the tour or  Transfer.

CARD PROCESSING FEES, Visa,Electron Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners, Discover,  American Express 3 %

Cancellation Policy

The following cancellation policy is used by almost all service providers all over Europe in order to minimize no shows.
Bookings cancelled up untill 48 hours prior to the agreed date and time will not be charged. Bookings cancelled within the last 48 hours priot to the agreed date and time will be fully charged. If you are arriving on board a ship and your ship does not, due to bad weather or for any other reason, dock, then you will not be charged. Let it be noted that, if your cancellation date is over TWO (2) months away from your reservation date, It has been known for third-party providers such as credit card companies, PayPal, etc. to charge a levy fee usually somewhere between 2-4%.

Change & Cancellation

Please note that alterations or cancellations should only be made via e-mail info@athensgreecetransfer.com has to acknowledge receipt by e-mail of any changes or cancellations in order for them to be valid. As our services are personalized we would appreciate it if we are notified as soon as possible of any changes so that we can accept other requests and offer our services to other visitors that require them.