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Besides our daily Chauffeur and airport transfer business, we offer many other services to our customers. All of which can take place in/from/to Athens but also anywhere else in Greece.


We deliver personalized and specialized airport transfers for private clients and corporate customers with diverse specializations.




Although our flexible and multipurpose chauffeur  services can be used in so many different ways, our goal always remains the same: to provide an excellent, bespoke service and assistance to our customers so that they can relax and enjoy themselves or simply concentrate on the important things. 


We provide executive business travel for corporate clients for a wide range of business services, which include business meetings, airport transfers, business conferences, VIP trips, special occasions, city meetings, rail transfers, breakfast/lunch/dinner meetings, B2B transfers and more. 


Chauffeur  service is typically carried out by hour, which is why you can also call it 'Disposal service'. It is a personal stand-by service for events, gala dinners, business meetings, shopping days or anything else. You can fully enjoy whatever you are doing because our drivers will be waiting for you but at the same time are always ready when you want to move on to the next place. It gives you 100% flexibility and comfort in everything you do and allows you to travel in style and elegance. This is a service our guests enjoy using when going out for long dinners with friends.



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